About The Pilots


  • Mako

    Mako. Uber mechanic. Gets high efficiency from his AirMech..

    +33% Flight Energy Efficiency
    +15% AirMech Damage Resistance
    -10% Air Speed
  • Raven

    Raven. Speed is her specialty

    +10% Ground Speed
    +8% Air Speed
    -10% AirMech Damage Resistance
  • Hawk

    Hawk. Master producer and builder.

    +10% Credit Cap
    +5% Credits Earned Efficiency
    +5% Unit Build Speed
    -8% AirMech Damage Resistance
    -10% AirMech Attack Power
  • Natasha

    Natasha. A great pilot for beginners.

    +20% Transform Speed
    +20% Flight Energy Efficiency
    +5% Air Speed
    -5% AirMech Attack Power
    -10% Unit Build Speed
  • Ashe

    Ashe. Fast healer and master of shooting down enemy missiles.

    +50% Missile Shoot-Down Chance
    +30% Recharge Rate
    +15% Flight Energy Efficiency
    -5% Unit Build Speed
  • Samson

    Samson. Field general badass. Imparts bonuses to units.

    +8% Unit Upkeep
    +5% Unit Damage Resistance
    +5% Unit Attack Power
    -10% AirMech Attack Power
    -20% Ground Speed
  • Erik

    Erik. Earns high experience at the expense of income.

    +25% In-game XP Bonus
    +5% Player Level XP Bonus
    -5% Kudos Earned
    -15% Credits Earned nus
  • Petros

    Petros. Quick learner but poor credit management skills.

    +5% Kudos Earned
    +5% Player Level XP Bonus
    -5% Credits Earned
    -5% In-game XP Bonus
    -10% Credits Cap
  • Beppo

    Beppo. Slower movement but can soak up a lot of damage.

    +15% AirMech Damage Resistance
    +10% AirMech Attack Power
    -15% Ground Speed
    -15% Air Speed
    -20% Faster Respawn
  • Kira

    Kira. Always the tomboy, she grew up restoring old cars with her father. The morning she was supposed to get her license to finally drive one, she woke up early but he was already called to the base for a “drill.” That was the start of the War and nothing was ever normal after that but her skills would come in handy…

    Master mechanic and quick to respawn.

    +30% Faster Respawn
    +25% Unit Repair Rate
    +5% Unit Damage Resistance
    -10% AirMech Damage Resistance
  • Goh

    Goh. Has an amazing connection to her AirMech and makes it look too easy. So easy in fact that she doesn’t learn as much from her experiences, as it’s all become so routine. She is looking for her next challenge…

    +10% Faster Respawn
    +5% Flight Energy Efficiency
    +5% Missile Shoot-Down Chance
    +5% Team Radar Vision Range
    -5% Player Level XP Bonus
  • Lexi

    Lexi. One of the youngest generations of AirMech Pilotrs, her first memories are flashes of being in shelters during the war. Since then, she’s been a scavenger and a tinkerer, always fascinated by discarded AirMech remains. She became so familiar with them that she has the amazing ability to pinpoint the weeak spot of any AirMech and exploit it. Her own AirMech is pieced together and isn’t as quite durable as a result.

    +25% Missile Shoot-Down Chance
    +15% AirMech Attack Power
    -15% AirMech Damage Resistance