After four grueling months of competition, the qualifiers for the AirMech Arena League have concluded. Four incredibly skilled teams have proven they have what it takes to punch their tickets to the AirMech Arena League finals. Which players proved their piloting skills on the battlefield?

Qualifier #1: Team Error (D3AD IYOYO & Darkmaximus2)
Qualifier #2: Ya Ya Ya I Am Lorde (OSCAR TIN LONG & ModestDrip141)
Qualifier #3: Beast Mode (HagbarChaline & Soopa Twinkie)
Qualifier #4: Palm Trees (|| Mr Marley || & ajabu JIMZ)

These top teams have all won brand new Xbox One game consoles for their efforts in the qualifying rounds! While this is already awesome, there is even more up for grabs in the finals. Prizes from Sennheiser, Scuf Gaming, and Elgato Gaming are all still on the line! Additionally, which team will take the World Championship crown?

Next week these four teams will battle it out to determine the overall best team in AirMech Arena. Which players will prevail?  We discussed the upcoming event with members from each team and we will be bringing you their thoughts in the coming days. Stay tuned for their interviews and the results of the AirMech Arena League finals!