AirMech Arena League

About AirMech Arena League

Welcome to the AirMech Arena League. Sign up for the AirMech Arena League and win big prizes from Xbox, Sennheiser, Scuf Gaming, Elgato and more!

We’re looking for the best AirMech Arena team! Each team will play ranked games of 2v2 VS to earn League Points and begin dominating the leaderboards in the Qualifiers. Each Qualifier lasts two weeks and starts on December 1st! The top teams in the Qualifiers will move on to the Playoffs to win one of four coveted bids to the Championships.

Registration is now open where you can team up with a friend or find one in the teammate finder.

The Competition

Registration and Getting Started

Register For the League

Ready to become the Airmech Arena Champion? Here’s where you begin. Link your Xbox 360 Gamertag to your Uplay account and then click on the “Get Started” button below!

Create A Team

Creating a team is easy! Both members must register here on the website, then invite your friend to a team, have them accept to have your team be official and ready for the leaderboards.

Compete In Ranked 2V2

Now that you’re registered and have a team, head into AirMech Arena, play Ranked 2v2 PVP matches to increase your League Points and move up the ranks of the Leaderboards!

Get Started


Win an Xbox One, Sennheiser headsets, Elgato capture cards, Scuff controllers and more!