We’re only one day away from the first set of playoffs in the AirMech Arena League! Players have been training as hard as possible for a chance to make it to the Finals in 2015. Evil Monkey36, one of the players from team Stepped On, is looking to make a splash tomorrow in the event. We chatted with Evil Monkey to find out a bit more about him before the big matches this weekend.

AMA Team: 
What brought you into AirMech Arena?

Evil Monkey36:  I got into AMA because I saw it was an RTS game. After playing a few games, I realized the potential it had to be a great game. There are so many openings in it for expansion! I was hooked instantly. The teeth grinding, intense, epic battles with other people had me on a roll.


AMA Team: What kind of player are you? Support? Defensive/Offensive? Something else?

Evil Monkey36: I leave my load out and strategy as adaptable as possible. No one person plays the same on here. I don’t want to risk a paper, rock, scissors game. I want to be DYNAMITE! I play aggressive the moment I see slack in the opponents armor.


AMA Team: What team do you think will be your biggest competition?

Evil Monkey36: Lord, to talk about a rivalry. I have it out point blank for Team Error. Not to trash talk anybody, but I don’t think I have it out for any team more than them. Too many close games have made me feeling like I’m going home empty handed. A sliver of health difference… some games are so close that neither team can tell  who will win. It can be a photo finish, it feels like. When our teams play, they know and we know we’ll all have to step up our A game. Kudos guys, I tip my hat to you for making the playoffs.



Once again, best of luck to Evil Monkey36 and the rest of the players competing in the playoffs this weekend.  Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest AirMech Arena League news!