Time flies when you’re having fun! The AirMech Arena League is more than halfway over. This week will see the third of four Playoffs. Which of these five teams will advance to the championship round to join Team Error and Ya Ya Ya I Am Lorde?



We recently sat down to chat with Mark41985 from Thee Elite about the upcoming playoffs.

AMA Team: When did you start gaming?

Mark41985: I started gaming when I was just a kid. I had one of the first portable gaming devices when I was only six years old. I’ve been an active gamer ever since!

AMA Team: What brought you into AirMech Arena?

Mark41985: I first noticed AirMech Arena when it was on the Xbox dashboard. I love to play strategy games and was immediately drawn in. The ability to control an AirMech puts players right in the battle and keeps the game fresh and exciting.

AMA Team: How did you meet your partner in the competition?

Mark41985: I met my partner for AirMech Arena at Starbucks. She is my girlfriend now. We started playing AMA together and loved the strategy involved.

AMA Team: What kind of AirMech Arena player are you?

Mark41985: I would say that I’m a team player, able to react to any situation. Be ready, no prisoners and no mercy. No surrender, no retreat!

AMA Team: What team do you think will be your biggest competition?

Mark41985: This qualifier is hard to call. With so many good teams, its hard to say who the biggest challenge will be. One thing is for sure… there will be some epic battles this time around.

Full results for the entire tournament so far can be located on our standings page. Have a prediction? Let us know who you think will win the Round 3 Playoffs by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!