The second AirMech Arena League qualifier recently finished up and we’re ready to host the next official playoff round! Eight teams will duke it out on January 24th for a spot in our Championship round to be hosted at later date. Which team will move one step closer to taking home the championship prizes?


Team “Ya Ya Ya I Am Lorde” claimed the #1 seed for this playoff after a stunning 72-3 run during the qualifier. On the other side of the bracket, team Beast Mode enters the second playoff round with a similarly impressive 51-4 record. We had the opportunity to talk with HagbarChaline from Beast Mode about the upcoming tournament.

AMA Team: When did you start gaming?

HagbarChaline: My love of gaming began when I was five years old. That was 30 years ago! At a garage sale, I earned an Atari and a stack of games for helping out all day. The rest, as they say, is history.

AMA Team: What brought you into AirMech Arena?

HagbarChaline: I started playing AirMech Arena about six months ago and immediately fell in love with the game. I’d been playing Halo Reach exclusively since 2010 and  I was ready for something different.  I liked the way AirMech reminded me of some older arcade games I used to play.  The controls and pace of the game were on point. I needed a game fast paced and competitive enough to give me the heart pounding rush I’m accustomed to.

AMA Team: How did you meet your partner in the competition?

HagbarChaline: I met my partner SoopaTwinkie while going up against him in 1s playing AirMech. He was one of a handful of really great players that stood out to me as highly competitive. We started playing 2s together and the chemistry was instant. We compliment each others playing style and I’m lucky to have him as a partner.

AMA Team: What kind of player are you? (Support/Defensive/Offensive/etc)

HagbarChaline: Support, defense and offense are all parts of a well rounded game. I play them all! In general I would prefer to be on the offensive while putting my opponent on the defensive. Like a great chess game, that is not always possible. Sometimes you must play off your opponents move and be defensive. Making a supporting move together in 2v2s can be very effective.

AMA Team: What team do you think will be your biggest competition?

HagbarChaline: There is a lot of good competition! We’ ll have to see how things play out.

You can check out the results for the entire tournament so far on our standings page. Have a prediction? Let us know who you think will win the Round 2 Playoffs by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!