HagbarChaline and Soopa Twinkie, better known as team Beast Mode, were the victors in the third AirMech Arena League qualifier. Can these two go all the way and become AirMech Arena League champions? We’ll find out this coming week when prizes from Sennheiser, Scuf Gaming, Elgato Gaming, and Xbox are all on the line during our tournament finals. We asked Hagbar and Twinkie about their thoughts on the upcoming tournament conclusion.

AirMech Arena: How are you guys feeling heading in to these finals games of the AirMech Arena League?

Soopa Twinkie: I’m feeling nervous and excited all at the same time! This tournament means a lot to me.

HagbarChaline:  We’re feeling very confident about our odds. We’ve put the time and experience in.


AirMech Arena:   Which team do you think will be the biggest competition for you?

HagbarChaline: These teams are the cream of the crop.  They’re all very good.

Soopa Twinkie: Each of these teams bring a playstyle to the table that can potentially beat us. We are not overlooking anyone as of right now.


AirMech Arena: You both have already won Xbox One consoles for getting this far in the tournament. Congratulations on that! What do you plan to play first on your Xbox One?

HagbarChaline: AirMech Arena, no doubt!


AirMech Arena: Nice! So you’re looking forward to the release of AirMech Arena on Xbox One and PS4?

Soopa Twinkie: Definitely. I’m more excited to see Airmech Arena coming to the new gen consoles than any other game coming out this year! I plan to completely switch on over to the Xbox One the day it comes out.


AirMech Arena: Thanks for the kind words. Final question! What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to aspiring AirMech Arena competitive players?

Soopa Twinkie: The biggest advice I may give any competitive player on Airmech Arena would be to know your mechs and know your units. If you understand those two important things then your game will improve. Understanding the game is the key.

HagbarChaline: Also, seek out the more experienced players and ask advice.  It’s the fastest way up the learning curve.  I’m always happy to share what I know!


Is Beast Mode the best AirMech Arena team? We’ll find out next week! Let us know who you think will win the AirMech Arena League Finals on Facebook!