Who is the best AirMech Arena team in the world? We’ll be finding out shortly! The first and second qualifiers in our AirMech Arena League saw Team Error and Ya Ya Ya I Am Lorde winning their respective competitions. Ya Ya Ya, it’s definitely no Error that these two teams made it this far in the tournament. With the finals beginning in just a few days, we recently caught up with Darkmaximus2 and D3AD IYOYO of Team Error and ModestDrip141 from Ya Ya Ya I Am Lorde to see how they feel about the upcoming event.

When asked who they thought would be their biggest competition in the championships “It’s hard to say,” Dark said. “The championship is where the best go to fight. You’ll never know who will come out on top.” D3AD IYOYO added “all the teams’ participating have very good skills at the game.” Although on a different team, ModestDrip agreed with this assessment by saying that all the teams in the finals are even matchups with one another.

Dark and his Partner, D3AD IYOYO, have to be one of the favorite teams in this event. They were the first team to qualify for the finals and did so in very convincing fashion and have kept up their skills by placing in the top ten for every qualifier after. When asked about how he met his partner, DarkMaximus2 explained: “I first met my partner D3AD IYOYO through a friend after being invited to a private 3v3 match. I ended up playing against the some of the top players on AirMech Arena. D3AD IYOYO, who I didn’t know at the time, was on the enemy team. We didn’t start off on the best of terms and we became rivals. We decided to put our differences aside and party up. We ended up winning 80 games in a row that day.”

ModestDrip141 had a similar story about meeting his partner. “First, I rekt him in 1v1. Then, he rekt me in 1v1. We became teammates right after that.”

Will Team Error, the match made in AirMech heaven, take home the top crown? Can Lorde reign supreme? We’ll find out next week. We ended by asking them for their biggest pieces of advice for aspiring AirMech Arena competitive players. Dark is all about respect replying with, “Show your respect to the competition otherwise no one will respect you.” Drip went further in detail by explaining “Controlling the map is a key part of being good at AirMech Arena. Keeping map pressure allows you a lot of freedom to put your opponent in very stressful situations.”

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