After months of intense competition, the AirMech Arena League has concluded with Team YaYaYa I Am Lorde winning the inaugural Championship! Players OSCAR TIN LONG and ModestDrip141 will be taking home Xbox One game consoles, Elgato Gaming capture cards, custom AirMech Arena Scuf Gaming controllers, and Sennheiser headsets. These two players took down all other competitors while dropping only one map throughout the entire finals.

After achieving a 6-1 record throughout the round robin phase of the tournament, Team YaYaYa qualified for the championship finals and played against Beast Mode. What looked to be a close series on paper turned out to be a 3-0 sweep for YaYaYa with wins on Thar, Dust, and Chasm.


League Finals - 1

YaYaYa used an aggressive play style that hit fast and furiously around each map. Modest brought a Helix into battle for all three of their victories while OSCAR swapped between a Striker and a Saucer. Using controlled gameplay, YaYaYa decisively took each of the three needed wins in quick fashion, one map ending in under seven minutes.


League Finals - 2


With this victory, YaYaYa I Am Lorde can now be called the best team in AirMech Arena. In addition to their physical prizes, Modest and OSCAR will be receiving a special in game pet that represents their team. Thanks to all players that participated in the AirMech Arena League and stay tuned to our social media for more events in the future.

Final Standings:

1st Place: YaYaYa I Am Lorde (OSCAR TIN LONG & ModestDrip141)
2nd Place: Beast Mode (HagbarChaline & Soopa Twinkie)
3rd Place: Team Error (D3AD IYOYO & Darkmaximus2)
4th Place: Palm Trees (II Mr Marley II & ajabu JIMZ)

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